What to Expect with Professional Solar Panel Installs and Solar Panel Service

If you’re considering having solar panel installs or solar panel service done in your home, then Sea Bright Star recommends that you work with a professional. They will make sure you are provided with high quality service as well as a great experience. If this is the first time you’ve considered having this type of work done, then below you can learn more about what to expect from start to finish.

1. Analyzing Your Home

When it comes to dealing with solar panels, it’s important to have the proper placement based on the size of your home, where the sun normally rises, and the type of panels that you have. Once the technician has determined the best spot for placement, they can give you more information as to what you can expect when it comes to performance.

2. Panel Installation

The next step in the process will be to install the panels which requires climbing up on your roof and setting up the wiring. By having someone with experience take care of this, you will save time and have peace of mind knowing your panels are being set up the right way. The time it takes will depend on the number of panels and the size of your home, although working with a professional will shorten the total installation time when compared to doing the installation yourself.

3. Maintenance and Service

Once the solar panels have been installed, it will be important to have regular maintenance and service done to keep them in good shape. Additionally, maintenance will help ensure that your panels are able to perform as highly as possible, which will result in more savings for you.

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